How to Send Robux to Another Account for PC and Mobile

Robux is the in-game currency of the popular multiplayer game – Roblox. You can customize your characters or unlock special features using Robux. However, it might not be affordable for everyone. If you are that kind-hearted friend (wish we all had a friend like you) or the loving parent who wants to send Robux to another account, this guide is for you.

Send Robux to Someone on Roblox

While there are no direct ways, there are still some workarounds for you to buy and send Robux to someone on Roblox. We have ensured to check all of them and have mentioned them in this guide.

1. Donate Robux via Group

You can create Groups in Roblox, and with the help of that, you can then send Robux to someone on Roblox. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open Roblox and sign in to your account. Click the hamburger menu at the top-right corner and choose Groups.

Choose the hamburger menu at the top right corner and select Group

Step 3: Choose Create Group.

Choose Create Group

Step 4: Fill details such as title, description, and others. After that, pay 100 Robux to create the group.

Add all the necessary information and then click 100 Robux to create group on Roblox

You can add the person to whom you want to send Robux too. Afterwards, follow the steps mentioned below.

Add Funds to a Robux Group

After you create a group, it’s time to add funds. For that, you need to sell something. This can be any item. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the Roblox and choose Create at the top. On the next page, switch to your group from the drop-down menu.

Click Create at the top

Step 2: Select Creations from the sidebar. Click Avatar Items and select T-shirt, Shirt, or Pants. After that, choose Upload Asset.

Choose Creations and then select Avatar items and then select T shirt to click

Step 3: Add images and other information. Once you add the necessary information, click Upload.

Choose Upload

Step 4: After you create an item, open it. If you can’t find it, simply navigate to Create > Select your group and click Creations.

Choose the item from the creations page

Step 5: Toggle on On Sale. Set the price, and click Save Changes.

Toggle on Sale add the price and then click Save Changes 1 1

Step 6: Click ‘Put On Sale’ to confirm.

Click Put on Sale to confirm

Step 7: Navigate to the item and then click Buy. To access the item fast, click ‘Open in Marketplace.’

Buy the item

Distribute Robux to Group Members

Step 1: Open your group and click the three dots at the top right corner.

Step 2: Choose Configure Group.

Click the three dots at the top right corner and choose Configure Group

Step 3: Select Revenue and choose Payouts.

Choose Revenue and then select Payout

Step 4: Choose between Recurring Payout or One-time Payout. We chose One-time Payout. Afterward, click ‘Add Payout Recipients.’

Choose between recurring payout or one time payment and then click Add Payout Recipients

Step 5: Select whom you want to send Robux to, and click OK.

Search add the user and then click Ok to confirm

Step 6: Enter the Robux amount and click Distribute.

Enter the Robux and then hit Distribute 1

2. Send Robux to a Friend for Free Using the Game Pass

You can also ask the person to create a Game Pass, which you can buy to send Robux to them. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Roblox Creators Dashboard. You can use the link below.

Step 2: Choose the experience you want to create the Game Pass.

Choose the experince you want to create game pass in

Step 3: From the sidebar, choose Passess under Monetization.

Open Monetization and then select Passes

Step 4: Click ‘Create a Pass.’

Choose Create a Pass

Step 5: Add image and other necessary information for the Game Pass. Afterwards, click Create Pass.

Choose Create Pass

Step 6: After the pass is ready, navigate to Passes and then open the Game Pass that was created.

Choose the Passes and then select the Pass you want to edit

Step 7: After you create the pass, click Passes from the sidebar and select the Game pass you have created.

Step 8: After you make changes, click Save Changes.

Choose Sales from the sidebar and toggle on item for sale. Set the price and then choose Save Changes

Step 9: Open the Experience and click Store.

Choose Store

Step 10: Purchase the game pass from the experience store. The Robux will be sent to the person who created the Experience.

Choose Store and then select the Game pass to buy

3. Buy a Robox Gift Card and Share From Amazon

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you can also send Robux to someone on Roblox using Amazon. All you have to do is purchase the gift card by following these steps:

Step 1: Choose the gift card, and click ‘Add to Cart’ and complete your purchase.

Click Add to Cart

Step 2: Make your purchase, and after that, click ‘Returns & Orders’ on the home page.

Click Returns and Orders

Step 3: Choose ‘View order details’ next to the purchased Roblox gift card.

Choose View order details

Step 4: Choose ‘Go to your Games Library.’

Choose go to your library

Step 5: Copy the gift card and then the PIN code.

Copy the PIN code

You can just paste the code to your friend, and afterward follow the link below to paste and redeem the code.

4. Add Your Payment Details to Purchase Robux

You can also add your payment information and buy Robux for that person.

Step 1: Open the Roblox, choose the Settings icon at the top right corner, and click Settings.

Choose the settings gear and then click Settings

Step 2: Click Payment Methods, and click Add.

Choose Payment Methods and then select Add

Step 3: Add your Credit or Debit card details and click Save.

After you purchase Robux, it’s best to remove your payment details.

5. Subscribe to Roblox Premium

You can also pay for Roblox Premium to send Robux to another account. With premium, users will get a monthly Robux allowance and an additional 10% Robux upon making a new purchase.

FAQs on Donate Robux

1. Can you earn Robux for free?

Yes. There are multiple ways to Robux for free. You can request someone to donate Robux, create and sell items, create a game pass to sell, or even join games that award free Robux.

2. How much should you spend on Robox?

This depends on what your needs are. Roblox makes it easy to buy and spend Robux in the game. However, it’s best to only spend on what you need (just like in real life). Robux is purchased using real-life money, and that’s not easy to earn.

Spend Well on Robux

With this guide, we hope you know it takes some workarounds to send Robux to another account. Instead of spending it on everything, we suggest you spend it on things that you value the most. If you still have suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments.

Last updated on 07 December, 2023

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