Top 5 Best Free AI Meme Generators

Whether you’re a creator, social media manager, or just looking to add humor to your feed, Memes are a great way to connect with people. Crafting memes has never been simpler with these best AI meme generators.

Best AI meme generators

From crafting personalized captions to designing memes from scratch, these tools provide a range of functionality to meet your needs for creating memes. We’ve put the free tools out there to the test and have curated a handy guide that breaks down the pros and cons of each, along with their unique features and pricing.

1. – Best AI Meme Generator is a free AI meme generator designed for beginners and experienced creators. It features a user-friendly interface where you can easily generate eye-catching memes by entering a prompt. Once you do so, the tool will generate multiple unique memes based on it. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, you can easily regenerate them. Best AI meme generators

This random meme generator also allows the creation of memes based on themes. You can upload a template or choose one from the tool’s library to generate a meme. Whether you have a funny photo to turn into a meme or a cool idea, the AI meme maker allows you to upload your image or select one from its extensive library.

Furthermore, you can customize your memes by adjusting the font size, color, and style for a personalized touch. It’s important to note that upon signing up, users receive 20 free credits for meme creation. Also, you can generate meme images and create original meme GIFs.

You can also explore subscription plans for enhanced features as the premium subscribers enjoy the advantage of creating unlimited watermark-free memes. The subscription plans also provide additional features, such as creating memes focused on company themes and enabling collaborative options for multiple team members to work on a single project. Last but not least, the premium subscribers also gain access to the tool’s API.


  • Extensive library of meme templates
  • Multilingual meme generation
  • Supports inspiration and idea generation
  • Clean user interface


  • Some users have reported inaccuracy of captions

Price: Free; Subscription: $9.99/month onwards.

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2. Kapwing – Customize Your Memes to Your Likings

Kapwing is one of the most versatile AI-powered tools in our list of the best AI meme generators. The tool not only provides you with the ability to generate memes from text prompts but also offers extensive customization options. From font styles to color palettes, you can fine-tune every aspect of your memes within the tool itself while adding a personal touch to your creations.

Kapwing Best AI meme generators

Moreover, you can also get help from the AI assistance feature, which empowers you to prompt your simple idea and watch as it collaborates to bring your meme vision to life. Unlike most meme generators that limit themselves to static images, the tool elevates meme creation by enabling you to craft captivating video memes.

While the free version of the AI meme maker offers a taste of its capabilities, it limits the number of memes you can create without a premium subscription. However, the premium version unlocks features that justify the investment. It removes meme creation limits and introduces perks such as uploading files up to 6 GB, unlimited project storage and editing, increased transcription limits, and SRT downloads.

Additionally, the premium version empowers users to export projects up to 2 hours long, produce content in stunning 4K resolution, and unlock enhanced functionalities of the Generative AI tool. These premium features establish Kapwing as a comprehensive and powerful meme-creation and content-editing tool.


  • Has drag-and-drop interface 
  • Comes with collaboration features
  • Highly customizable
  • Can generate video memes


  • The free version has limited access 
  • Can only export memes in 720p resolution (in the free version)

Price: Free; Subscription: $16/month onwards.

3. Simplified – Generate Witty AI Memes

The Simplified AI Meme Generator stands out among the plethora of meme-generating tools in the market due to its unique and innovative features. Unlike other tools, it allows you to create memes effortlessly and simplifies the process through advanced AI algorithms. The generator has diverse templates and styles, making it a versatile choice for meme enthusiasts.

Simplified Best AI meme generators

The tool’s ability to understand context and generate witty captions sets it apart from the competition. Moreover, navigating the platform is a breeze, as the UI is simple and clean. What’s more impressive is that it comes with a drag-and-drop functionality and real-time previews.

Furthermore, the tool balances free and premium features to cater to a wide range of users. The free version includes essential tools and templates but comes with a limit of 10 credit points. In contrast, the premium version unlocks exclusive templates, advanced captioning algorithms, and prioritized access to updates.

While the free version suits occasional users, the premium features open up additional creative possibilities for dedicated meme enthusiasts and content creators, justifying the investment for those serious about meme production.


  • Customizable text and editing options
  • Copywriting features available
  • You can share memes easily
  • Simple to navigate


  • No pre-made templates
  • Word count limit

Price: Free; Subscription: $9/month onwards.

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Imgflip is recognized as one of the top AI meme generators for its ability to create static and dynamic memes. You can leverage the power of AI in the tool that lets you give your ideas a shape in a fun way using simple prompts. The meme maker is widely used because its versatility is evident in its user-friendly interface.

Imgflip Best AI meme generators

Like other tools in this list of the best AI meme generators, it also provides text-to-meme functionality. Moreover, you can also customize memes by adjusting various elements such as font styles, colors, text placement, and sizing. This feature simplifies the meme creation process, giving users full control over the visual aspects and adding a personalized touch to each creation.

Imgflip offers a premium version with features like watermark removal, ad-free usage, increased frame and dimension limits, and the ability to add sound to GIFs. However, our experience suggests that the free version provides a streamlined experience without excessive advertisements.

Adding sound to GIFs can be achieved using various video editing apps, diminishing the necessity of upgrading to the premium version. While the premium version has its perks, the free version remains a robust and efficient tool for meme creation.


  • Vast meme template library
  • A comprehensive set of customization tools
  • Active community and meme sharing
  • Allows you to generate video memes


  • Imposes watermarks (in the free version)
  • Occasional AI inconsistencies

Price: Free; Subscription: $9.95/month.

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5. – Tailor-Made Just for Your Brand may be last on our list of the best AI meme generators, but it is second to none. The tool has a simple-to-use interface, which you can use to create memes like a breeze. You can enter the prompt and hit the generate button. Surprisingly, it also has a history button that saves your last-generated meme. That is something that makes this tool unique. Best AI meme generator

Apart from that, the platform boasts advanced AI algorithms that not only understand popular meme formats but also can generate contextually relevant and humorous captions. It goes beyond image manipulation, allowing you to personalize memes with diverse templates, fonts, and styles.

Furthermore, the free version provides access to a plethora of templates and basic customization options, making it an attractive option for casual meme creators. However, the premium version is worth considering for those seeking an enhanced, ad-free experience with exclusive templates and advanced customization features.


  • Let you incorporate your brand’s logo
  • Accessible across various devices
  • Let you directly share your memes
  • Automation tools accelerate content creation


  • Occasional glitches
  • Customization options are limited

Price: Free; Subscription: $29/month onwards.

Time to Enhance Your Meme Game

AI meme generators have revolutionized the way one creates and shares memes. While many tools can help you make memes, the ones mentioned above are our recommendations for the best AI meme generators. If we missed your favorite tool, feel free to drop it in the comment section, and we will test and add it if we find it interesting.

Last updated on 07 December, 2023

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