6 Best Deals on Ceiling Fans This Holiday Season

If you live in an area where the weather is generally warm and sunny, then this list of best deals on ceiling fans is for you. Ceiling fans are an easy way to keep your home cool without spending the big bucks on air conditioning bills.

Best Ceiling Fans

These holiday deals on ceiling fans promise to offer extra discounts along with some extra airflow to cool your home. From budget to premium, there are ceiling fans spread out across price segments. Many of these are built for indoor use, while others are better used outdoors.

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1. Consciot Ceiling Fan

Consciot Ceiling Fan

If you’re in search of something compact then the Consciot Ceiling Fan should be considered. Thanks to its design this fan is perfect for kids’ bedrooms, hallways, foyers, and covered outdoor patios.

However, its size does not mean the Consciot Ceiling Fan is underpowered. It promises a good amount of airflow thanks to its powerful DC motor and three reversible blades which deliver plenty of air flow. There’s also a flicker-free LED light behind an acrylic cover to complete the package.

Why you should buy it: It offers a good amount of airflow, comes with an LED light, and also a 6-speed remote control all at a rather aggressive price point.

2. Boomjoy Ceiling Fan

Boomjoy Ceiling Fan

If the option above is too compact for your needs, then you should consider the Boomjoy Ceiling Fan. It’s made primarily using paulownia wood which makes the fan lightweight and improves its rotation capabilities for improved air flow.

Apart from the powerful DC motor inside, the Boomjoy Ceiling Fan comes with support for timer settings and reversible movement functionality. This one too is a 6-speed adjustmentable fan. However, its light can do 3 color temperature options, allowing you to customize your desired lighting.

Why you should buy it: It offers a quiet motor, adjustable light, and a premium design at an affordable price making it a good buy.

3. Bojue Ceiling Fan

Bojue Ceiling Fan

Equipped with 52-inch blades, the Bojue Ceiling Fan promises plenty of airflow for any medium-sized room or an outside space such as a patio. The fan blades are made using Chinese parasol wood, thus giving the fan a premium look.

One of its stand-out features is ultra-low noise operation thanks to its energy-efficient 35W DC motor. This is a smart fan and as such comes with a remote control that can be used to adjust speed and the in-built lamp.

Why you should buy it: It comes with a functional but also aesthetically pleasing design. Its 52-inch blades are also good enough for most medium-sized rooms.

4. Qutwob Wood Ceiling Fan

Qutwob Ceiling Fan

If you’re a fan of wooden blade fans then you’re in luck as we bring another option to consider in the form of the Qutwob Wooden Ceiling Fan. This one is a modern-looking fan despite its wooden finish blades and comes with an LED light as well.

However, the stand-out feature of the device is its ability to function using very little power. Its 15W rating makes it extremely energy efficient and it also promises super silent operation at 30db to ensure it doesn’t meddle with your calm and quiet.

Why you should buy it: It offers a very premium and modern design language and above all is extremely energy efficient which can help save on energy bills.

5. Roomratv Smart Ceiling Fan

Roomratv Ceiling Fan

In search of a powerful fan that offers a lot of airflow to help keep your room cool? The Roomratv Smart Ceiling Fan is a good bet. It’s a truly smart fan and not only comes with a remote but can also be controlled using voice commands.

It’s also feature-rich and offers the ability to change the direction of airflow from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode helping rotate warm air during the winter. There’s also a dimmable light which again can be controlled using the remote, app, or voice commands.

Why you should buy it: It’s powerful, looks good, and above all brings access to some cool smart functions such as support for voice control.

6. Hunter Studio Series Fan

Hunter Studio Series

The Hunter Studio Series Fan is for buyers who are looking to add to the decor of their living room or patio. Its stand-out feature is its design which includes lamps covered by clear frosted glass for a rather unique look.

Inside the lamps are energy-efficient dimmable LED light bulbs that can be used to control the lighting and ambiance of the room the fan is set in. As for the fan itself, it uses the company’s Whisper Wind motor which delivers plenty of airflow without creating noise.

Why you should buy it: Despite its slightly premium price tag, the Hunter Studio Series Fan is a good buy if you want something that adds to your room’s decor. Its design is perfect for a room with a traditional decor language.

Ceiling Fans for Energy Saving!

Ceiling fans are not only a good way to cool down a room but also offer plenty of energy saving along the way. So check out our list of the best deals on ceiling fans this holiday season, and save up on some cash before you start saving on energy bills.

Last updated on 15 December, 2023

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