5 Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals That You Must Check Out

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It’s that time of the year when it rains discounts and deals and BLUETTI — the company behind portable power generators — isn’t far behind. The company has a cool bundle of discounts of up to 38% on its power products. So, let’s check out some of the best BLUETTI Christmas deals in 2023.

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals

The BLUETTI Christmas deals will be available between December 11th to December 25th, 2023.

1. BLUETTI AC200L Power Generator: The Fast-Charging Powerhouse

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals AC200L

The AC200L Power Generator is one of the newest products from BLUETTI. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a powerful and noiseless power generator for holidays and later. It can go up to 2,400W. As such, it can run your household appliances effortlessly and you can drive up its power by pairing it with compatible expansion batteries.

The BLUETTI AC200L also doubles as a UPS and kicks in quickly when power goes out. This mode comes into the picture during sudden power failures & outages. It supports several charging mechanisms. For one, you can charge it via a wall brick (2,300W) or pair it with solar panels (1,200W).

This power generator starts at $1499 (originally priced at $1699), and you can save $200 on this Christmas deal.

2. BLUETTI AC70 Portable Power Station: On-the-go Power

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals AC70

Look no further if you want a cool deal on a portable generator. The AC70 is perfect for camping and fishing and comes in great use during emergencies. It delivers up to 1,000W of power and can power small gadgets and appliances like blenders, coffee machines, and smartphone chargers.

It’s also lightweight at 22.5lbs (10.2kg). You can remotely monitor and control the generator through its companion app. Like the option above, it also supports multiple charging mechanisms. For instance, you can charge it via an 850W AC input or a compatible solar panel (500W solar input).

This portable BLUETTI AC70 is available for $499 (originally priced at $599), and you can save $100 during the BLUETTI Christmas sale.

3. BLUETTI AC180 + PV200S: Outdoor Solar Generator Kit

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals AC180

For those looking for a more powerful and portable setup, the duo of BLUETTI AC180 & PV200S is the one for you. Its power output can reach up to 1,800W and 2,000W resistive loads during the Power Lifting mode. It can run power-heavy appliances without breaking a sweat.

Interestingly, it also supports fast charging. If we talk numbers, the AC180 can charge up to 80% in 45 minutes with 1,440W AC input. Moreover, it can refuel fully in 2 hours when connected to a 500W solar input. Last but not least, it has several ports and outlets, including a USB-C PD port and two USB-A ports. And yes, there’s a wireless charging pad as well.

This Christmas, you can save up to $699 and get the BLUETTI AC180 + PV200S combo for $899 (original price $1598).

4. BLUETTI AC200MAX + B230: Expandable Mobile Generator

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals AC200MAX

The BLUETTI AC200MAX is the one for road trips and off-grid adventure seekers. This flagship power generator by BLUETTI has a capacity of 2,048W and can run power-heavy appliances like refrigerators effortlessly. And guess what? You can also expand the capacity by connecting it with compatible battery packs like the B230 expansion batteries.

The power capacity jumps to 6,144Wh when connected to two B230 expansion batteries. As noted earlier, it’s perfect for road trips and RV adventures. More importantly, it also doubles as a power backup solution in your home. It has around 16 power outlets, including a USB-C port. Plus, it can charge up to 900W when hooked to compatible solar panels.

The BLUETTI AC200MAX + B230 power combo is available at a $700 discount and you can grab it for $2298 (original price $2998).

5. BLUETTI AC300 + B300: Scalable Home Backup Power

Best BLUETTI Christmas Deals AC300_B300

If a dedicated home UPS solution is what you are searching for, you should have a peek at the AC300 home battery backup. It kicks in immediately after a power loss (20ms) and has a capacity of 3,072Wh. This way, it can keep the essential appliances running, such as heating systems, refrigerators, and lights.

Like its counterpart above, it’s a modular power system, and you can drive up the power capacity by connecting it with modular expansion batteries. For example, you can boost the power to 12,288Wh by adding four B300 batteries. It recharges fast and supports up to 5400W fast dual charging. Plus, it supports up to 2,400W solar input. The latter ensures that you can save on your bills and stay green at the same time.

With the BLUETTI Christmas sale, you can get the AC300 + B300 for $2499 and save up to $1099. Plus, you also get a free folding trolley worth $299.

Grab these Christmas Deals

These were some of the best BLUETTI Christmas deals on power stations. The sale runs from December 11th through December 25th.

And if you are looking to upgrade your power backup solution or plan to gift it to your close ones, now is the time to grab them all.